Welcome, you have stumbled upon a collection of only the best Thailand hotels in popular holiday destinations such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and all the rest presented at unrivaled prices. Allow us to tell you a little more about us, our commitment to service excellence, our safe and secure accommodation booking procedures and fabulous deals.

Better Bookings Asia who works in association with a large tour and travel company based in Bangkok is headed by CEO George Conradie. During the past 8 years the company focused solely on hotels in Thailand, and recently expanded its reach across south-east Asia to include destinations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Cambodia, the latter where our offices are located allowing us a central point of operations.

It is our intent to understand our clients' individual needs and therefore create an open channel of communication to customize each booking for a personalized one on one service experience. Whether you need the right hotel for a family vacation, a romantic place which fits your budget, or need to know which beach or city best represents the holiday you dream of, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the information you need to make the right decision. We invite you to contact us and look forward to be your personal travel guide.

Secondly, we are an online merchant you can trust putting the safety of your personal details first. We have subsequently taken every precaution to protect information such as your credit card details during online transactions. We use the online payment processing services of 2c2p who's service includes the highest level of personal data protection. Please also refer to our privacy policy to learn more about how we for example handle cancellations etc.  

Our Booking Process | How does it work?

Better Bookings Asia is not a live online hotel booking system. All the inquiries, price and booking requests we received are handled manually. Hence the personalized service and your contact with a real person on the other end when you request a quotation or a booking. Here is what you can expect when making an inquiry about a particular hotel you are interested in.

  1. When we receive an inquiry from you we will respond with a room availability and price confirmation by e-mail within 3 hours during normal working hours from Monday to Saturday, and first thing Monday mornings for requests submitted on Sundays.
  2. Should you instruct us to proceed with the booking, we will immediately reserve your room, request written confirmation of reservation from the hotel, and once received, confirm reservation with you in return by e-mail. Your reservation confirmation will include your reservation reference number.
  3. The turn-around time for reservation confirmations could vary from as little as 4 hours, and up to 24 hours depending on the hotel's response time.
  4. Unless you book 90 days or less in advance you will not need to pay immediately. Your reservation confirmation will indicate on which date Better Bookings Asia will generate an electronic invoice and forward it to you for online payment. This allow you the time and freedom to first confirm your booking with the hotel by quoting your reservation reference number should you wish to do so for your own peace of mind. Even in the event that payment is immediately due we still allow 24 hours for payment.
  5. On the indicated payment date an electronic invoice with a link to our secure payment page will be e-mailed to you together with a detailed description for you to follow to complete the quick and easy payment process. We want to stress that we our selves never see your credit card details.
  6. Once payment is completed you and us will both receive automatic confirmation of successful payment from our payment system.
  7. Upon receipt of this confirmation we will immediately forward your hotel booking voucher indicating a unique reference number and all your booking details (number of rooms and room type, period of stay and number of guests etc).
  8. Your voucher serves as proof of your booking and full payment and needs to be submitted to the hotel upon your arrival.
  9. For penalties in case of cancellations, if any, please refer to each hotel's individual cancellation policy.
  10. Please note that in case of cancellations, refunds will only be deposited back into the account from which it was paid.
  11. We will remain at your service for assistance of any kind until the day you check out from the hotel.

Finally we want to assure you of our generous prices and regular special deals at hotels across Thailand. Our prices are exclusive and more often than not the best for just about every hotel we promote. This is a result of our partnering with the largest Thailand based integrated tour and travel company who are able to negotiate the best prices.

Thank you for reading. We hope to be hearing from you soon and look forward to be of service.