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Our goal here is simple namely, to offer all-out convenience by making it easy to compare flight prices for trips around the world all in one place instead of spending endless hours searching one website at a time. Simply enter your dates, departure and arrival destination, whether that be from Australia to Thailand, the UK to the united states or Dubai to Singapore, and we'll show you a comparison of all carriers with available seats in order of price. Then simply click through and book at money saving rates.

Moreover, in our quest to be the best flight comparison website we want to offer more than just a list of rates, but rather an intuitive product with easy to use features. You will for example notice you can play around with the number of stops for long haul flights, book multiple destinations in one go and the option to choose your own carrier or to simply book with the carrier offering the cheapest prices on the list of flights we compare. Once you chose your flight you pay online, fast, safe and convenient.

Add to this the fact that you can also book hotels world wide through us at the guaranteed lowest online prices and you will realize you are about to become your own travel agent. Choose your destination and search an extensive data base of accommodation and again we'll compare hotel prices of all the best booking websites to save you time and create convenience.

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