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Apart from being a top holiday destination in Thailand due to it's splendid beaches, luxury 5 star hotels and endless attractions, Hua Hin's central location only 2 hours from Bangkok makes it an even more enticing prospect for a holiday to remember. If you need to know how to get to Hua Hin, read on, or simply contact us and allow us to arrange private transfers for you in advance.

From Bangkok Airport one option is to utilize the service of This operator offers a 24 seat luxury bus which travels specifically between the airport and Hua Hin's centre several times per day at 300 Baht per person and, you can book with them directly online.

Alternatively, especially if you are a single traveler and do not mind a smaller seat, local 14 seat mini van taxis depart from Bangkok's Victory monument every 30 minutes at a cost of 150 Thai Baht. They are easy to located right behind the market which is situated at the foot of the Victory Monument sky train station.

If you want to consider making the trip more memorable and see some Thai country side in the process, buy a train ticket at Bangkok's Hualampong station. A first class ticket will cost approximately 1 000 Baht and the train stops at Hua Hin's station which in itself is a historic attraction. Many options for transfer to your hotel from the station will be waiting just off the platform.

Then there are of course also luxury tour buses leaving from Ekemai bus station in Bangkok. Tickets are in the vicinity of 350 Baht per person and they will drop you off right in the centre of town. Please note that these buses run on scheduled times, so do your home work in advance.

Getting to Hua Hin from other locations such as Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui is naturally a longer journey. The best option from Krabi would be a luxury tourist bus. Tickets can be bought at the bus terminal which is situated at the upper end of Krabi's main road. From Phuket the best option might be to simply fly to Bangkok and transfer from there.

From Koh Samui you could also fly to Bangkok or take the Lomphraya high speed Catamaran from Samui to Chumphon pier. From here luxury tour buses will transfer you straight to Hua Hin. You can buy combined boat and bus tickets in advance directly from the Lomphraya website.

Now that you know how to get to Hua Hin we look forward to welcoming you to Thailand's oldest resort town which is also our home and base of operations. Contact us today for the best accommodation prices and special deals.