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Why concern yourself with the worry of how to get to Phi Phi when you can leave the boring task of arranging transfers here from Phuket, Krabi or any other destination to us. Simply contact us, we will be delighted to be of service. However, should you wish to arrange transfers as you go along, we trust our explanation below will be helpful.

This small iconic island is located in the Andman Sea to the south east coast of Phuket. It can be reached from either Phuket or Krabi within a 2 hour ferry boat ride or, if you do not mind spending extra to save time, you could also charter a speed boat.

In Phuket, join ferry boats leave from Ao Por Grand Marina during peak season (December to April) at 11:30 and 16:00. Boats head back to Phuket from Phi Phi twice daily at 08:30 and 14:00. To get from Phuket Airport to Ao Por Grand Marina you need to allow at least one hour to be on the safe side. During the rest of the year it is important to keep in mind there is only one boat every day running between the two locations. The boat leaves Phi Phi for Phuket at 08:30 am and leaves Phuket for their run back at 13:00 pm. If you will be flying in to Phuket on the same day as your boat transfer, make sure your flight arrival time coincides with boat schedules.

Boats leave Krabi Town's Chaofa pier at 09:30 am, 10:30am and 14:00 pm. Boat tickets can be boat at the ferry pier in any of these locations. Should you be heading to a resort in Phi Phi straight from Bangkok or from an international location, your best option would be to fly into Phuket and then transfer from the airport to the pier by taxi.

On island itself their are no real motorized land transport to speak of. In most cases you will be met at the pier by your resort staff and your luggage transported in a kart. In cases where resorts are located on secluded beaches not accessible by foot from the pier, longtail boats or the resort's own boats will be waiting to take you to your end destination.

Please note that the ferry times above are not guaranteed and subject to change. We advise that you confirm transfer times directly with the pier, or ask us to do it for you, before finalizing your arrangements.