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A Khao Lak Beach vacation is the stuff tropical dreams are made of. The area boast some of the most spectacular stretches of sand along it's shores, all dotted with palm trees and offer safe swimming conditions year-round. With the exception of Nang Tong which feature the largest compliment of 5 star accommodation venues, all other beaches, the one flowing into the other, are always calm and serene. Even on Nang Tong things are not exactly crowded. Pakweeb is one of the the most romantic locations and the luxury Sarojin Resort located here fits perfectly into this atmosphere and idyllic surroundings. The longest at 8 kilometers is Khao Lak Beach itself which is secluded, jaw dropping beautiful and home to very few resorts. Kuk Kak beach is home the the five star J.W Marriott Resort. If you fancy unhindered days of blissful seclusion, this would be a good option. But, when you had your fill of getting immersed in the beauty and serenity of the surroundings, got your batteries charged and in the mood for some adventure, then this region is ready to dish up and gastronomical journey of discovery.

Scuba Diving

Not far off it's shores, world renowned dive sites like the Surin and Similan islands awaiting. The surface of the water here is a doorway to an incredible diverse eco system featuring colourful fish species, amazing coral formations and you just might get the opportunity to swim with a whale shark. Khao Lak is in fact one of the primary departure points for dive boats leaving for scuba dive excursions to these locations and if you do not have your dive certificate, then this is your chance to get it at a reasonable price with one of several Padi registered dive schools.


The region's mountainous terrain has given rise the many waterfalls to be visited. Og the total nineteen waterfalls in the area, Pakweeb, Ton Prai and Chong Ton Phra is the easiest accessible and closet to where you wuld probably be staying if your are booking your resort with us. These can be reached with a challenging hike through lush jungle. Be sure to take along enough water and comfortable shoes.

Visit Phang Nga Bay

An easy one hour by road brings you to Phang Nga Bay, majestic in its beauty featuring scattered islands, caverns and lime stone monoliths jutting from the ocean's surface to render it an almost mystical appearance. Sight seeing can be done by organized boat tours which will also allow kayaking among the famous hongs, flooded cave systems of which the roofs have collapsed over millennia. The best way yet is to negotiate a price with a local for taking you around the bay in his long tail boat. Be sure to take along a mask and snorkel, you are in for unforgettable sights.

Wat Suwannakhuha

A "Wat" is the Thai word for a compound housing temples, religious statues and and the monk's living quarters. This particular Wat is half way between Khao Lak and Phuket, an approximate hour drive from either and located in the scenic province of Phang Nga. What Suwannakhuha is a temple just outside a cave and inside is a very large reclining Buddha statue, lots of smaller statues and a Chedi which is also the last resting place of the area's governors' from 160 years ago. You can continue into the cave past the Buddha statues and exit into the rain forest and follow a 2 km hiking trail taking you past a waterfall.

Other Attractions and Activities

With a landscape such as found here, Jungle elephant trekking, snorkeling, island hopping, visiting nearby rural communities and shopping in their markets, kayaking on the Sok River, bamboo rafting, hiking in national parks and even staying over a night in one of the floating lake cabins, tree houses and floating bungalows in Khoa Sok National Park creates the most authentic experience imaginable.