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The primary interest for tourist about the weather in Phi Phi is whether t expect rain during their vacation, scuba divers wants to know if they will have good under-water visibility and those interested in boat cruises and sightseeing wants to know if it is safe to go out on the water. Located only short distances from each other, weather conditions, temperatures and seasonal changes in Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak and Koh Lanta are all pretty much the same. The rainy or Monsoon season starts at the end of April and remains until end October and sometimes into late November. This time sees daily down pours usually in the afternoon for an our or two and again during night. You will definitely still have enough sunshine to spend time on the beach and catch a tan and the probability of rain for several days on end is fairly low. Temepratures also seldom drop below 28 degress Celcius. The down-side is that boat travel for sightseeing excursions could be erratic due to bad sea conditions and scuba divers might not experience the best visibility. The up-side is lower resort accommodation prices and smaller crowds sharing paradise. From end November weather conditions improve and from mid December until end April sees the lowest rainfall with January, February and March being the driest months and average temperatures at 32 degrees Celcius.